Ruangsak Anuwatwimon

Ruangsak Anuwatwimon (Born 31 March 1975) is a Thai contemporary artist who based in Bangkok, Thailand. He passionate in Art & Nature and looking for the future evolution for human, in his works he wonders how human can resolve the problem, his work remind to “Regenerate Sculpture” concept. Like ‘Ash Heart Project’ a totally 270 heart-shaped artworks made from ashes for a wide range of 270 different species. Most of the specimens were found in the surrounding area and shape the sculptures into their final forms. And GOLEM project exhibited at BKK Art House in Bangkok and Palais de Tokyo. GOLEM concept is a construction of a utopian human being whose parts are made from ashes of animals and plants. His ash project reflects on the protagonist relationship humans have with our natural world. Ruangsak employs diverse mediums to express his ideas and challenge the perimeters of what constitutes an artwork. His conceptual projects explore social, cultural, and moral grounds of human societies. He travels to and takes up residencies in different countries to research about the cultural and natural ecology of each place, collecting specimens to contribute to his satirical “utopian human”.