Stellah Lim

Stellah Lim (b.1979) is an artist based in Singapore. A graduate from RMIT Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts (Honors), her installation and sculpture works explore the duality of two realms; permanent and impermanent. Stellah Lim has shown in exhibitions both locally & internationally at Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey 2015, SingaPlural, Singapore 2015, Field trip Project Asia, Indonesia, Japan & Singapore. Commissioned by Singapore Art Museum, her enamel works are showcased for Unearthed 2014. Featured in Daily Serving, LianHe ZhaoBao and Singapore American Newspaper, she is also a nominee for Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2016. She is currently an adjunct lecturer at LaSalle College of the Arts. She is also invited as the artist mentor for Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition, From Night to Light 2016 and Project Dreamcatchers, Take Me Places 2015.