Walk tour and photo session in Mongkok

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Text by Casey Chan

On our second ‘tour’ we had 7 student volunteers, once again we each carried around two backpacks. We started our journey at Langham Place, Mong Kok and made our way to Casphalt in Tuen Mun. This time, I felt more prepared to interact with the locals. I was also more excited because people who are in Mong Kok are often there for leisure and fun, there are more students and people in their twenties who may be more willing to talk to us.

When we started to make our way through Mong Kok, it was too crowded to stop and have a conversation, there was no space! The streets were so crowded, it was almost impossible to start a conversation with strangers.The only people we were able to stop were a group of high school students, whom we had to persuade to simply take photos with the backpacks on. Then we made our way to a few local bookstores in an old building. Some didn’t allow us to enter because of the tight space but we still managed to go to two book stores. However, the bookstores were very small and only had one or two customers. Therefore we didn’t experience much interaction either.

List of Volunteers

Tsang Yik Hang 曾奕衡

Kho Soe Bien Karlie 許思敏

Lui Wai Lok Peter 雷暐樂

Lin Chi Ho Jeffery 凌志豪

Yeung Ho Yin Augustus 楊浩彥

Ingrid Claire Chan 陳宗渝

Casey Lauren Chan 陳樂恩


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