Leonhard Bartolomeus | the co-curator of the field trip project Asia Indonesia, Jakarta


Leonhard Bartolomeus

the co-curator of the field trip project Asia Indonesia, Jakarta


Hi everyone. I hope you’re doing well despite this challenging time. My name is Barto. I’m one of the co-curators of the Field Trip Project Asia in Jakarta in 2016. The Field Trip Project Asia, for me, was one of the most rememberable projects I have done. Not only because of the notion about mitigation of social responsibilities but also the richness of the artists’ concept and contacts. It is also interesting to see how various works, talk with different style and language, yet resonate a same spirit: hope and togetherness. During this pandemic time, remembering the situations kind of giving me hope that we will be fine and we could overcome this situation together by supporting each other through any means, especially using art as a tool. Like what happened in every other part of this world, The Field Trip Project and also the Field Trip Project Asia now on hiatus*.

We’re thinking how we should bring this idea into more relevant context now. That is why in order to supporting this project. I would like to ask all the artists, especially artists coming from Indonesian chapter, help joining this project to share your sort of documentation, sketch, process, research note, failure test, video, happiness, anything. Many other stories you could share with us through the website platform. Hopefully, also it will reach some other people that have no chance to visit the project yet. I hope that you could also bring back the memories for us as curators and artists and spark more creativity hopefully in this time. I hope the situation will get back to normal as soon as possible. I wish I could see you in a much better future. Bye-bye.

*This means that we are restricted from gathering from other countries. The exhibition will be held in Taiwan from 19 September by local curators and artists.Note:Chie

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Leonhard Bartolomeus