Jing X. Hu

Jing X. Hu (b. 1989, China) is a visual artist based in Singapore. She received an MA from Central Saint Martins and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Jing X. examines ideas around flux, migration, and urban life with aesthetic codes as markers of identity and aspirations. Art has been her visual journal depicting disparate elements in her life inspired by specific people and places. Hu extrapolates fragments of architecture and history from her own itinerant experience to create synthetic worlds that shatter into numerous pictures and stories. In the process, lost memories need to be manufactured. Jing X. feels empowered to re-imagine these gaps, rather than to simply reconstruct them. She conceives the unstable and fragile equilibrium of diverse and seemingly random textures, shapes, marks, images, and references, and their interaction with one another in her work, a realistic likeness to cosmopolitan human society. They can be read as maps due to their composition, or simply as snapshot summaries of our social and natural world. Hu’s art has been exhibited in galleries in Chicago, London, Singapore, and China. Recently, she held a solo exhibition at the Xixi Creative Industrial Park in Hangzhou. One of her paintings won the Public Choice Award and Highly Recommended Painting for Art Gemini Prize. She collaborated with the China Academy of Art to create installations for Hangzhou Art Fair 2015. Hu is also a senior graphic novel artist using the pseudonym Pinkjellyo.