Hong Kong | Co-curated by Movana Chen

 June 16 – September 10, 2017


A unique attempt for Field Trip Project Asia, we participated in a curated group exhibition as one of the participating artists. Curated by Hong Kong based artist Movana Chen, Field Trip Project Asia interacted with locals in activities.

Curator’s Biography

Movana Chen is a Hong Kong-based artist and curator. She studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. She also studied curatorship at the Hong Kong Art School. Since 2005, she has been a curator at the YY9 Gallery and is focusing on independent curating for various venues in Hong Kong. Her work is a multi-disciplinary fusion of media, fashion, performance, installation and sculpture, which has been presented at different exhibitions, art festivals and events globally. Movana started her knitting book projects in 2004, her project is a journey to weaving people’s stories, cultures, history and to opening up two-way communication.


Hong Kong Arts-News (Chinese only)

Hong Kong Economic Journal (Chinese only)

Excerpts below translated into English by Wendy Wo

In today’s society, science and technology dominate the perception of most of us, controlling the relationship between people and people. A variety of communication technology developed, more and more frequent communication with each other, but the relationship is more and more isolated. The phone on a greeting an expression symbol, to replace the real contacts with people, social networking sites, a button can add friends, replacing the real depth of understanding and understanding. And the real art in this rapid change in the trend, how can promote people, or people and their own links?Recently, the writer has seen two exhibitions in the oil street, and it is still very limited that no matter how the artist is trying to do, One is “spark!” Temperature of Communication “(to September 10) to explore how digital communication affects perceived, identity, and interpersonal relationships. Into the exhibition hall, you can see Sara Tse’s “porcelain letter”, she put a friend’s letter to the paper on the top of the pen to brush their pencils write their handwriting, and then write their own draft tear, mixed mud, The paper pulp in the rice paper, after burning paper into a gray, leaving only porcelain skin and a touch of handwriting, and then made of these porcelain film, cast a strange traces of the mottled on the wall. Now people have not used letters and letters, these temperature ink marks, it seems that will also be unearthed cultural relics.

Communication temperature

Go to the next room and see Sara’s old school bag from the Daisuke Takeya field study tour of Japan, which is used by the owner to experience the life of the master’s life, and to create an art device in the new sculpture and the old material The collision, passing the warm memories.

On the other side, Tunni Kraus’s device is “away. from. Relationship “to dismantle the old phone, reorganize the parts into the device. The device swing on its own, just as to regain the same life, continue to convey the meaningless signal. In the past, when the communication began to develop the anxiety of people, in these abandoned old mobile phone fragments, the ecstasy corresponding to all kinds of chaos.

Hung Keung “only view the three-tone view of the city: view of the envelope: the audience” is the use of letterhead and the market as a starting point, invited the neighborhood is also involved in the creation, he first invited participants into the Causeway Bay market stalls, To complete the task, then the impression of the market back to the oil street to achieve, and his scene on the creation of envelopes on the ink landscape, the venue of the participants of the finished products on display. A letter without a letter, there is no address of the envelope, it seems to mark that back to the era, but now because of the treatment of art, and the community and the environment has another link. In the small room of the exhibition, broadcast the street stalls at night to record the scene, marking the exhibition and the local community link.


Newly Joined Artists

Exhibitions And Activities

List of Volunteers

Tsang Yik Hang 曾奕衡

Kho Soe Bien Karlie 許思敏

Lui Wai Lok Peter 雷暐樂

Lin Chi Ho Jeffery 凌志豪

Yeung Ho Yin Augustus 楊浩彥

Ingrid Claire Chan 陳宗渝

Casey Lauren Chan 陳樂恩


Volunteer reflections

Lina Chan

The first one is a lady , a passerby. After I told her about the backpack is an art project and is to support  or remembrance of the 2011 Japan Tsunami disaster, she is willing to take pics with it . She said of course it’s fine to take a photo with it . She actually asked what else she can do.

The second one is a shopkeeper . I told him this is an art project of a Japanese artist. He then started to tell me everything about his children. They have all grown up and have their career . He felt so proud with his children and so happy to share with us . It seems like it’s been sometimes no one chatting or listening to him . He was so keen to talk with us but not about the backpack, it’s about family.

I also talked with few other passersby . Some of them listen the stories about the backpack art  project, but most it seems so reluctant to start a talk with us . They might think we are selling a backpack, or too busy to stop for a second to listen .


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