Nicola Anthony

Nicola Anthony (b.1984) is a British artist living in Singapore and working internationally. Born in London, she studied at University of the Arts London (CSM) and Loughborough University.

Nicola’s artwork is an assemblage of ethereal moments. She creates by collecting, mapping and archiving a finespun world of secrets, memories, wishes and stories. She focuses her research on untold tales, social memory, place memory, and social heritage.

Her Clockwork Moons series and her Human Archive Project are exhibiting at Singapore Art Museum in October 2017. Her most recent body of artwork and published book, Intersection, was created during her time as artist-in-residence the NPE Art Residency. Intersection exhibited in Singapore in 2017 and Myanmar in 2018.

Widely collected and exhibited internationally through galleries, art fairs and museums, Nicola also creates large scale installations and public sculptures. Around the world Nicola has exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery Project Space (London), the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (USA), Shinjuku Creators Fiesta (Tokyo), & featured in shows around Asia and Europe. Her artwork has received sponsorship from Tate Britain, & been exhibited in Tate Modern’s ‘No Soul for Sale’.