Simon Ng

Simon Ng (b. 1974, Singapore) is an artist based in Singapore. Influenced by European existentialist painters, Simon creates works of mis-en-scène that resist interpretations; each narrative plays out like an incomplete sentence providing little references to prior events or what may follow. In most of his works, the fixed gaze of an animal becomes the dominating element of the visual composition. It seems to acknowledge the presence of the viewer and offers something both disturbing and familiar, something about the instinctive nature of animals. Initially trained in graphic design, Simon Ng turned to painting at the age of 30. He received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts with First Class Honours from LASALLE College of the Arts, the Open University UK in 2009. He was a recipient of the Winston Oh’s Travel Award in 2008 and the Winston Oh’s Postgraduate Fine Art Research Fund in 2012. Works by the artist are in private collections in Stockholm, Oslo, and Singapore. He is currently a part-time lecturer teaching painting at LASALLE College of the Arts.