Thynn Lei Nwe


Thynn Lei Nwe (b.1991, Myanmar) is a full time artist based in Yangon. Since 2009, Nwe has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Yangon, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia. She studied Fine Arts specialising in painting at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore from 2012 to 2014. Besides painting with oil, she works with ceramics and clay. She also produced  collaboration pieces with other visual artists and musicians. In 2018 at Myanm/art in Yangon, She exhibited her first solo show, ‘Part Illusion’ which is the recreations of her childhood memories and bedtime stories. And her works also focuses on the relations between humans, plants and animals in a form of hybrids and surreal landscapes. Since her childhood, Nwe actively practice volunteering in taking care of stray animals which has been the great influence of her current series of works. Stray dogs problem has become one of the major issues in Myanmar during this year. When the city development committees started a project in June, with the help of majority of the public, stray dogs have been poisoned, brutally killed and moved to out of the town where they can’t easily survive. Nwe is trying to use art as a medium to show the public about the situation those strays are living in, animal behaviour knowledge and change as many people as possible into those who helps the animals in need.