Wilawan Wiangthong

WiangthongWilawan’s work is based on performance art (Visual Art). Completed Master’s degree in Visual Art (Mixed Media) in 2013 at Silpakorn University Bangkok, her work creates identity concern fantasy, weirdness of female character named ‘Imaginative Identity’. Her exhibitions include; Mi-Ka-Chang show at Thesis Art Exhibition at Sanamchan Art Center (2013), Drama Thesis Art Exhibition at Adler Sudhashok Gallery, Bangkok (2014), Snow White Show at Nan Art Festival (2014), Jupiter show at Hof Art Space and Bridge Art Gallery (2015), and Angle-Angel is at Yet Space (2014), including Miss X show Monologue Art Exhibition at Bridge Art gallery. She presented an odd family consisting of four female member representing her family in a group exhibition titled ‘Odd Women’ at People gallery, Bangkok Art and Culture Center in 2015. She is the recipient of the 2nd prize award in Art Tree Reality Thailand on Thai PBS Channel in 2013. She is currently working on stop-motion and animation inwhich, there are 3 stories of thesis art project, named ‘The Art of moving image: Narration by Esan Women.