Yingyod Yenarkarn

Yingyod Yenarkarn (1989, Bangkok Thailand) obtains Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Bangkok University in 2011. Yingyod uses his experience and reflection from daily life and his social. He transforms and presents them into his art practice to show how these are connect and reflect to his life. His exhibitions include; Brand New Project 2013 (WTF Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand 2013), Khatok (Yet Space, Bangkok, Thailand 2014), Narrative Private Soldier (Bakery Terrace ART-SPACE, Bangkok, Thailand 2015), LANDSCAPE/HOTEL ASIA PROJECT 2016 (Soy Sauce Factory, Bangkok, Thailand 2017). He is a member of a collective named “SAD” and is a part of the exhibition Mode of Liaisons (BACC, Bangkok, Thailand 2017). In 2016 Yingyod and Thanapon Inthong have collaborated in Taichung ASEAN Square Cultural Exchange Project (Residency program, Taichung, Taiwan). In 2018 Yingyod has joined EARLY YEARS PROJECT#2, at BACC, Bangkok, Thailand. His recent solo exhibition I’m Just A BBQ Boy was held at Tentacles, Bangkok, Thailand in 2019.