Please share your photos of Field Trip Projects


Hello, everyone! I am Chie, one of the co-founders of Field Trip Project.

We are having a tough time under the COVID-19 pandemic. As the fragmentation of society is being widen and new socially vulnerable people become more visible, there is an increasing attention on art as a method of social awareness. Field Trip Project and Field Trip Project Asia have created a multicultural community through migration. It is a platform for people to find commonalities rather than differences and to think together about increasingly complex social issues.

However, we have been forced to limit our activities under the circumstance and a new methodology needs to be developed. We believe it is worthwhile now to reaffirm the community and network that the projects have been forming over years.

Have you had a chance to experience Field Trip Project or Field Trip Project Asia? If you haven’t, please check out our website. To all the past participants, could you do us a favor? Please send us your photos at the project to be posted on our website. So that we can look back and review our past activities critically.

Look forward to seeing your photos!

Thank you!

1. Post your photos with the hashtag #fieldtripproject If you have an Instagram account.

2. If not, please use the following form.

    Please share this with your friends and acquaintances!


    * Max. Size for each image is 5MB.

    * The images must be in gif, png, jpg, jpeg.






    * It may take a while when uploading multiple images. Please wait till you see all the file names on the screen.

    * The photos may be used in future reports, research papers and publications of the project.