Artists and Curators’ Talk in Cordillera Green Network/Cafe Yagam, Baguio City

A day before the field trip around post-earthquake sites around Baguio City, curators Daisuke Takeya and Laya Boquiren conversed with local artists in Baguio about their praxis — how does advocacy and identity shape their approach to art? Some of the randoseru were also displayed in a pop-up exhibit at Cafe Yagam where participants were invited to tinker with them and ask questions.

On site were contemporary artists Rocky Cajigan, Florenda Pedro, and their colleagues from the AXIS project. Joining Daisuke and Laya are Field Trip artists Jason Domling, Aze Ong, and Joan Medrano. Our friends from the local group of creatives called Espasyo — Jethro Sandico, Apol Ruiz, and Jake Espiritu (also known as Goose Industria).

Cafe Yagam frequently hosts events related to art, culture, and the environment along with exchanges between Filipinos and Japanese. The Cordillera Green Network is spearheaded by Mariko Sorimachi.

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