Temperature of Communication exhibit at Oil Street Art Space


Sparkle! Temperature of Communication

Presented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by Oi!
Project Curator: Movana Chen
Artists : Hung Keung, Sara Tse, Tunni Kraus, Field Trip Project Asia (Daisuke Takeya as its curator)

This exhibition has explored the influence of new digital communication methods on the ways we form our identity, create and sustain relationships and how we think and feel. Artist Hung Keung used envelope as a bridge of communication and emotion collection. Repurposing used communication hardware, Tunni Kraus investigated the ways traditional and new modes of communication affect our relationships. Field Trip Project Asia represented/curated by Daisuke Takeya transformed school backpacks, the relief supplies for earthquake in Japan, to bridge communities across cities and nations. Sara Tse applied slide projection and ceramic as a response to the exhibition. Together, they look into the role of traditional and new forms of conversation in a multilingual and culturally diverse city. These interactions trigger sensitive questions about how we express ourselves, how we are being understood and how we make meaningful connections.

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