Walk tour in Banda Aceh: Wet-wet Gampong

Photo by Rizqan Kamil

Partnering with local art community, the walking tour is named “Wet-wet Gampong Punge Blang Cut”. Wet-wet means walking around in Acehnese, and Gampong means village. Punge Blang Cut is one the village in Banda Aceh that affected by Tsunami in 2004. So literally it means an event of walking around the Punge Blang Cut village.

Adapting the concept of walking tour on Field Trip Project Asia, the participants who mostly students asked to walk across the village carrying randoseru backpack. The participants are also encouraged to have some conversation with locals on “disaster memory” while experiencing the changing of Punge Blang Cut’s landscape after 12 years Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2014.

This event goal was to make the hard topics of disaster is easier to discuss in community through art. In Aceh context specifically, this event is also set to re-open the conversation on community’s disaster preparedness.

The full story of wet-wet gampong at Punge Blang Cut here (in Indonesian language only ) 


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